Gritty City Repertory Mission:

Gritty City Rep provides Oakland youth with access to performing arts opportunities that nurture, stimulate & transform.  We create unique spaces where young adults feel inspired to risk and explore, developing leadership, confidence, and empathy for their human family through the production of powerful theatre.



Friday May 21 and Saturday May 22

GLASS CLOSET by Keli'i Salvador



Audiences loved our virtual reads of CULTURE SHOCK and TJ LOVES SALLY 4EVER!

"I loved Culture Shock. The story was told so well. The acting was superb! The two young actors playing Africans must have worked so hard on perfecting those accents. This was one of the best things I have seen since the pandemic started."

"TJ Loves Sally 4Ever was engaging and daring to tackle this subject matter, no matter how uncomfortable."

"I was blown away by Culture Shock. I’m stunned at how seamlessly the actors worked together, touched one another, laughed, cried, interacted without physical onstage interaction — how did you all do that?  This performance gives a whole new dimension to the theatre as we have known it. You were all so moving, so natural, so funny...Special congratulations to Gloria Majule for this gorgeous and illuminating work.

"TJ Loves Sally 4Ever was so timely and relevant, plus a great way to spend a Friday night! Moving to a virtual format, you still managed to convey the same sense of joy as your in-person performances."

GCRep Audiences Gave BLACK SALT Rave Reviews!

“The show was beautiful, people were in tears. . . Robert Paige and Lindsay Krumbein have again written a very clear and conscious show, with a powerful sense of justice and understanding that crosses community borders."

--Bob Kayodama


“A beautiful examination of police brutality against black and Latino communities in Oakland and nationally. This is a show everyone should see!”

--Asia Jackson


“This startling play moves quickly through various scenarios of police violence, despair, and redemption. The intensity is modulated with humor and genuine, loving support for those in the depths of identity crisis. The performances, staging, script, and the understated, powerful ending work perfectly.”

--Judi Bauerlein


“This show was incredibly moving and so relevant to what is happening in our community and in the country right now. The performances blew me away and I was so impressed with the level of emotions of each of the actors. It was raw and beautiful. I loved it!”

--Lauren Durand


“Amazing. There is a clear political commitment but at no point are you being lectured at. Instead, the difficult subject of police brutality is addressed through letting us see a black officer wrestle with her conscience, and the survivor's guilt of the brother of the victim. Sometimes political theater can hammer us over the head with the message, but here the message is subtle, told with humor, and makes us think about how these issues reverberate through peoples’ families.”

--Sam Davis

The Flax Building    

1501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Oakland, CA 94612