Anti-Racist Action Plan


Reflecting on the powerful and necessary demands in We See You White American Theatre and the BIPOC Living Doc Equity Action Plan, the people who make up GCRep's staff and board recognize the need for immediate action. We will update this webpage throughout the upcoming season with our progress and actions as our plan develops and unfolds.

The expressions of grief and pain from BIPOC artists regarding racism in our theater community have forced us to gaze at our own reflection and examine our own harmful practices. We accept the call to action, recognizing the responsibility we have to respond clearly and directly to these demands in order to make meaningful change. We commit to building a thorough and ongoing review of our practices and work culture into our strategic planning.


Our staff and board commit to digging into the details of the action plan. We will publish a comprehensive plan before the close of our 2020-2021 season that outlines our areas of growth and the actions we will take to move toward positive change.


In the meantime, we would like to provide a sample (not comprehensive) snapshot of where we currently are in reference to a few of the calls to action expressed in the BIPOC Living Doc Equity Action Plan:


These are items we are honored to already be engaged in, and commit to continuing and expanding:

  • All youth and professional artists who participate in our programming are compensated at a fair wage

  • All of our youth training is free or paid

  • We have consistently hired over 75% BIPOC staff, guest and resident artists since our founding

  • We have hired an outside BIPOC Restorative Justice Liaison and created a transparent, open process for airing and resolving grievances

  • 9 of our 15 productions over the last 9 years were written by women and/or BIPOC

  • 100% of new work GCRep currently produces is written by BIPOC

  • 100% of GCRep actors are BIPOC

  • 100% of the characters in our produced work are BIPOC

  • We offer countless free and deeply discounted tickets to all public events

  • We publish detailed playbills for each show that provide extensive information and resources around the social justice issues we explored in that particular production

  • We offer our space at deeply discounted rates and/or for free to community members 


These are items where we know we are behind - this is where we will start:

  • Creating specific no tolerance policies around harassment, prejudice, and discrimination towards Black and Brown people present in the space

  • Making sure that our Board Membership is ethnically and racially equitable 

  • Making sure that a third of the Board is comprised of stakeholders that the organization serves 

  • Connecting with Indigenous stakeholders to create an active plan for not only acknowledgment, but genuine connection, and the building of engagement with artists and audience

  • Training staff to moderate culturally competent post-performance discussions so as to avoid discomfort for the BIPOC artists present onstage 

  • Providing required anti-racist training opportunities to all staff and board

  • Creating a post-mortem process for all shows


GCR is grateful for all of the work put into this movement, and we will hold ourselves accountable for significant progress over the course of the 2020-2021 season.

The Flax Building    

1501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Oakland, CA 94612