Our APPRENTICE PROGRAMS support GCR's veteran ensemble members with their continuing education as actors, arts administrators, and in the technical theatre areas of set and lighting.  


By donating to the Apprentice Program you provide the stipend for an entire semester of learning, growth,

and hard work by one of Gritty City Repertory's young performers.



Company members who are high school graduates are automatically considered Apprentices. Once a high school age company member has performed for one full season with GCR, they also achieve Apprentice status.

Each Apprentice receives a stipend of $350 per production, for a total of $700 per Apprentice per year.

Our Apprentices have completed over 400 hours of training with our company, both with professional teaching artists and our core staff-members in our rigorous bi-weekly rehearsals.



For three years, up to 4-5 youth per production accessed GCR's Beginning Technical Apprenticeship, 3 hours per week of hands on experience in training with our Technical Director for three months, learning about tools, set building and props creation. Many Beginning Tech Apprentices became Advanced Apprentices. Their training continued and intensified. They worked 4-8 hours per week as assistant builders for $15-$18 per hour depending on their age and experience.

Then, for a year we launched an on-site Beginning Tech Apprenticeship class at LPS Hayward. 8 students participated in a 10-week course, each earning a $150 stipend to learn about tools and build set basics like walls and staircases.

This season we were set to launch our third pilot program - paid Lighting Intensives for Women and People of Color. Our spring programming has been interrupted by Shelter-in-Place, but we will re-institute our workshops in the summer or fall as we are able.



As we seek to increase employment in all areas of the arts, we are equally committed to training youth in arts administration. Our Admin Apprentices work 10-20 hours per month for $15-$18 per hour in areas such as community engagement, social media, ticketing, data management, and donor cultivation.


Acting Apprentices:  Zelisaia Armstrong, Ayah Dominique, Isaac Infante, Joy Knighton, Jonathan Mejia-Naveda, Yomi Origunwa, Noah Patton, Essau Robins-Bilal, Zaria Stanton, Nijzah Waterman

Arts Administration Apprentices:  Zelisaia Armstrong, Nijzah Waterman


Technical Apprentices:  Robert Paige, Nancy Delgado Gomez, Maria Hernandez, Chelsea Landaverry, Sara Mehtabuddin, Andrea Mendoza, Aubrey Mae Milanes

Acting Apprentices:  Ayah Dominique, Dashawn Franklin, Diego Ibarra, Isaac Infante, Noel Laulu, Jordan Lopez, Amieri Mayo, Tomorrow Page, Robert Paige, Stephanie Polanco, Ally Shao, Zaria Stanton, Nijzah Waterman

Arts Administration Apprentices:  Tomorrow Page, Nijzah Waterman



Technical Apprentices:  Robert Paige, Mamiyana Brown, Amari Haulcy

Acting Apprentices:  Ayah Dominique, Dashawn Franklin, Isaac Infante, Michael Letang, Jordan Lopez, Tomorrow Page, Robert Paige

Arts Administration Apprentices:  Jordan Lopez, Robert Paige



Aneesah Abdel-Qawi, Daniel J. Acosta, Que'Aire Anderson, NyErin Buckley, Aly Burton, Marques Conerly, Maurice Jones, Joy Knighton, Joseiah Moore, Alex Prieto, Megan Torio, Enrique Velasco, Masud Waqia

The Flax Building    

1501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Oakland, CA 94612