The Staged Reading Series is a program for Gritty City Repertory to support the creation of dynamic new work by playwrights of color, and also a vehicle to provide our ensemble with training opportunities in how to participate successfully in a staged read.

Table Read Tuesdays are a vehicle for Gritty City Repertory to find new work with potential for future production by our youth ensemble. We are actively seeking to commission and support playwrights in developing work that fits our unique needs as described below.

Guidelines for ALL Script Submissions - Staged Reading Series AND Table Read Tuesdays


  • All plays must be previously unproduced.

  • Playwright must identify as a person of color.

  • All characters must be people of color.

  • One-Act plays should be approximately 45 minutes to an hour long or an equivalent to 60 pages.

  • All scripts should be sent in pdf format via email.

  • All submissions should include a subject line that designates the work as intended for the Staged Reading Series OR Table Read Tuesdays.

  • If the work is designated for the Staged Reading Series, the subject line should also include the intended theme (education, decolonization, love, or Juneteenth)

More Detailed Guidelines for TABLE READ TUESDAYS:

If you are submitting for a Table Read Tuesday and are interested in Gritty City Repertory potentially producing your work in the future, our Ensemble has some unique needs to consider.

We don't cast by play - we cast through a general audition process and accept a diverse squad of 14-24-year-old actors. Plays with some characters who are flexible in terms of gender, race or ethnicity are helpful as we don't always have the exact mix of actors for a script we might love. Additionally, we tend to have an ensemble of 12-15 actors, so a large cast, and/or opportunities for doubling is particularly important. We are also drawn to plays that primarily feature characters 30 years or younger, as that's the age range of our actors. Though we always have actors who can play older, and have no problem with some older characters, a play that mainly explores the experience of teens and/or 20-somethings is a better fit for our cast. We are also particularly interested in producing work that embeds some element of social justice - not an "issues" play, but transformative, powerful work that asks hard questions about our society. Lastly, we do a lot of training in physical theatre, and love scripts with interesting stage directions that allow for scenes with dynamic and creative movement.

To recap - although these are not REQUIREMENTS, when we read scripts looking for our next main stage production, these are the elements that make a play a good fit for Gritty City Rep:


  • Plays that primarily feature characters 30 years or younger.

  • Some characters who are flexible in terms of gender, race or ethnicity.

  • All characters who are people of color.

  • Exploration of social justice issues.

  • Room for physical theatre and movement.

  • Room for an ensemble ranging between 12 - 16 actors.

Other elements to consider...

  • Comedy is a huge plus.

  • We love sassy, bawdy storylines, characters, and dialogue.

  • We are looking for transformative theatre that deals with real issues geared for young adults.

  • We appreciate scenes that require fight choreography.

  • The Ensemble is primarily composed of youth actors, but we can handle adult language and mature topics.