“I am the product of all the ancestors getting together and deciding these stories need

to be told...” rupi kaur, milk and honey.



We are now accepting submissions for all four categories:  Education, Decolonization, Love and Juneteenth. 

Deadlines for submissions in each category are specified below, along with rehearsal and performance dates, and more specifics on each theme. For each theme, either two one-acts OR one full-length play will be accepted. Each playwright will receive a $250 stipend, a paid director, and paid actors.

Please review our detailed submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work.


August commences the new academic session for all scholars across the country. For us, education is the facilitation of learning both formally and informally. It is an act of building and deepening skills, knowledge, values, beliefs, and habits. As August marks a new beginning of the academic term for most students, our company seeks to explore the historical, cultural, and sociopolitical ramifications of education as they relate to our current time. We seek playwrights of color who are open to interrogating and exploring the nature of education through full length or one-act plays. 

Examples of Ideas and Topics - intended to INSPIRE but not limit!

  • Higher or Alternative Education

  • Heritage

  • Culture

  • Right to Education

  • Inclusion and Representation

  • Global or Local Citizenship

  • Literacy

  • Languages

  • Childhood Development

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Application Process Begins:  May 4, 2020

Deadline for Submission:  June 1, 2020

Rehearsals: July 27, August 3, August 7 (6-9PM)

Staged Reading Performance: August 8 (6-10PM)



At Gritty City Repertory, we strive to reveal and dismantle colonial power using performing arts training and live theatre. For the month of November, we invite playwrights of color to submit full length or one-act plays that explore and investigate the theme of Decolonization as a way to deconstruct colonial ideologies of superiority and privilege of Western thought. 

Examples of Ideas and Topics - intended to INSPIRE but not limit!

• Indigenous language

• African History

• Post-Colonial theory

• Systemic oppression

• Neocolonial society

• Dismantling imperialism

• Reparation

• Activism

• Injustice

• Culture

• Revolutionary thoughts

• Economic inequalities


Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Deadline for Submission:  August 31, 2020

Rehearsals: October 26, November 2, November 6 (6-9PM)

Staged Reading Performance: November 7 (6-10PM)



February is the month of love and love comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms. Gritty City Repertory is thrilled to examine all manifestations of love and affection: unconditional and enduring love, romantic and platonic love, familial and self-love - or when love goes wrong. We invite playwrights of color to submit full length or one-act plays about love in all its glory. 

Examples of Ideas and Topics - intended to INSPIRE but not limit!

  • Stories of Love

  • Heartbreak or Heartache

  • Acts of Service

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Marriage and Divorce

  • Positive mental state

  • Unrequited love

  • Gifts

  • Unconventional form of love

  • Family love

  • Romance

  • Non-heteronormative Ideals

  • Healthy Relationships


Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Deadline for Submission:  December 14, 2020

Rehearsals: February 8, 15, 19 (6-9PM)

Staged Reading Performance: February 20 (6-10PM)


Juneteenth or Freedom Day

Rooted and based in Oakland, Gritty City Repertory intends to amplify and celebrate Juneteenth on the Ubuntu stage at Flax Art and Design to honor the significant contributions of the African American community in our National history. Juneteenth is an independence day that marks the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of African Americans throughout the US. We are seeking to collaborate with bold playwrights who self-identify as descendants of the African Diaspora, and are interested in investigating this theme through full-length scripts. 


Examples of Ideas and Topics - intended to INSPIRE but not limit!

  • Non-traditional practice of patriotism

  • African American Narratives

  • African American leaders 

  • Reparation

  • Independence Day

  • Black America

  • Food, Music, Culture

  • Civil Rights

  • Affordable Housing

  • Racial Wealth Auditing

  • Laws and Policies

  • Living wage

  • Community

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Deadline for Submission:  April 5, 2021

Rehearsals: May 31, June 7, June 11 (6-9PM)

Staged Reading Performance: June 12 (6-10PM)

The Flax Building    

1501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Oakland, CA 94612