Why become a Season Subscriber?


GCRep Youth Theatre subscribers are the lifeblood of this organization and our favorite people!  


This season, GCRep is offering SIX public events - all staged readings of new work by professional and youth playwrights, and performed by an ensemble of professional and youth actors!  Although anyone can attend these six events for free through you-tube live, we are still asking you to subscribe!  

We only have slots for 100 subscribers this season. Our 100 subscribers can register on Zoom, which allows you to comment, see others' comments, and participate in Q&A sessions with the playwright, actors and director after each event!  Even better, YOU HELP GCREP SURVIVE by providing some much needed earned income!



VIP Season Subscribers have plenty of expendable income and want to help GCRep out by paying at a higher rate!


Basic Season Subscribers have a little expendable income and are happy to put some of it toward the arts! 



Discount Season Subscribers don't have much expendable income but love GCRep and are down to do what they can!

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